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ITO‐Free Organic Photovoltaic Modules Based on Fluorinated Polymers Deposited from Non‐Halogenated Solution: A Major Step Toward Large‐Scale Module Production

Olzhas. A. Ibraikulov, Jing Wang, Narayanaswamy Kamatham, Benoît Heinrich, Stéphane Méry, Markus Kohlstädt, Uli Würfel, Stéphanie Ferry, Nicolas Leclerc, Thomas Heiser, Patrick Lévêque

Abstract :

Several bottlenecks need to be passed to reach market readiness for organic photovoltaic modules. To avoid scarce and costly materials such as indium is an important technological issue. To be able to process the active layer from solutions prepared from non‐halogenated solvents and harmless additives is also a crucial step. Herein, a fluorinated polymer is used as an electron‐donor material and PC71BM as an electron‐accepting material in a bulk‐heterojunction configuration, to demonstrate that indium‐tin‐oxide (ITO)‐free modules with an active area greater than 60 cm2 and processed from non‐halogenated solvents and harmless additives can reach a high power conversion efficiency of above 6%.

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