PVO modules with 6% energy conversion efficiency

In the framework of the cross-border research project PROOF, scientists at FMF have fabricated organic photovoltaic modules with a power conversion efficiency of above 6% on an active area of 66 cm². The modules rely on polymeric photoabsorbers synthesized in the project and absorbing sunlight over a wide spectral range when blended with other organic molecules. Furthermore, electrode materials which do not contain the commonly used but cost-intensive indium tin oxide (ITO) have exclusively employed in the modules. The cell architecture developed for the modules is scalable and compatible with roll-to-roll coating processes, with which flexible OPV modules will be developed in the course of the project. As a final project goal, modules will be integrated into light domes and their applicability for commercial and industrial buildings will be assessed, contributing to a possible increase in building energy efficiency.


Photo credits: Clemens Veit
ERFD-INTERREG: 499 877.00 €
Original article : https://www.fmf.uni-freiburg.de/de/news/grenzuebergreifendes-forschungsprojekt-proof

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